Is Technology Can Enhanced the Spirituality?

Can we imagine our lives without technology? a big no! Of course, it is not possible for us to live a technology-free life now. In fact, we have reached the state where we all are highly dependent upon technology for any of our tasks.

We cannot live in the old era like conditions now. From the air conditioners for cooling to the elevators, we just cannot do with technology. But, does it play an important role in enhancing spirituality too?


Can we have happiness from both the spirituality and technology?

Technology has transformed the way we live. Yes, we simply can’t deny the fact. From the big and vast infrastructure to the little teapot in the kitchen, we are driven by technology.

Everything has been developed. In the earlier days, when there was not-so-developed technology, life was hectic and now, it is all different.
In this article, we are discussing how technology and spirituality together can make you happy.


When Spirituality and Technology Meet It Makes a New Connection

Religion does not always flout the technology to spoil the mentality of the people and taking them in the wrong ways. It also appreciates the wonders of science like technology.

The Christian religion also has a book to praise and promote the technology for the people called ‘The Gutenberg Bible’. In the 20th century, the modes of worship have changed with the emerging technology.


Do You Making the Most of Technology in Your Spiritual Life?

There was a time when people used to travel all the way to their nearest church, all dressed up and with the bible in their hands. The church has community lunch after prayer and people used to attend the prayer every Sunday without fail.

This was a huge task because they had to get ready and sit for more than 3-4 hours even on a holiday. People became busy and are losing interest in these activities so technology is being used by people to follow their spiritual life.


Influence of Technology on Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education

Technology has a history of solving problems and the method in which people chose to solve their problems often raises an argument. There might be a case of technology implementation in the workplace but this technology will replace manual laborer’s hence increasing efficiency.

This is a great advantage for the businessman as he can spend less on labor and earn more profits but the issue is a disadvantage for the laborers because they are losing their jobs.