is celebrating 21 years


of providing resources about

Near-Death Experiences • Higher Consciousness • Spirituality • End-of-Life issues • Conscious Dying • the Afterlife

with no advertising or pop-up thingys!!!

Over the years, millions of people have come to these pages because they were seeking answers to questions they didn't know who to ask and was one of the first websites available on this subject in the early years. It's been my life's purpose to provide the kinds of information and resources contained in these pages in response to the thousands of emails I received from visitors year after year. During the two decades of gathering information and making it available on the website to assist in the evolution of conconsciousness, I did all the resource gathering myself without assistance. I financed it without a grant, without financial backing or donations. Not that I didn't ask for help or donations or try to rasie money, I just didn't get any. I was only able to pay for computers and software and intenet services in order to continue expanding the work by keeping my day jobs.

Now here I am 21 years later, I'm 75 years old, on the edge of becoming homeless, and people online are still asking for my time for free. Maybe they just want me to put up a link to their resource, but it still takes my time. What exactly do I get out of that deal?

Frankly, needs to be updated to take advantage of the new technology and all sizes of devices, but it's gone beyond my expertise so I would have to hire someone, probably several people, to do it. I can't keep it up financially myself anymore either because I only have a minimal Social Security income to live on. I'd neeed a new computer, new software, and time to learn how to use it. I've reached the point that I don't want to learn anything new anymore... especially not social media, twitter, etc. I don't market my site because I can't deal with that overload of information coming at me! This site still generates an amazing number of hits on its valuable resource pages with zero marketing, imagine what it would generate with a marketing team! In other words, I can still manage the site, but would have to hire out to update and expand the reach of the site, and I'd need substantial income to do that.

My domain comes up for renewal in January 2018. If is going to continue beyond that, I will have to receive financial support to even renew the domain and hosting agreement. If my resoure pages are as valuable as those who want me to add a link to their site tell me they are, then they are worth maintaining. In order to do that, I will offer sponsorships of individual pages and on links pages (Caregivers and Seekers), each catagory may be sponsored. Those are the only ads I will allow. A monthly doantion is requested to maintain each approved banner ad.

Thank you for your understanding and support of this valuable resource site. If you would like to arrange for advertising and have a PayPal account, please contact Diane Goble