The Soul’s memories of all its experiences in every physical incarnation and every spiritual sojourn.

The total of these records compose the stage of evolution one is in as one progresses toward perfectness; holds the picture images of all events, occurrences and knowledge one has accepted and encountered throughout all lives; recognized as apart of the soul-mind construct comparable to a large computer; takes in exactly what it is fed by the conscious mind and feeds back these records into the blood stream without being noticed until one reaps negation in his life. (1)

The Soul departing a lifetime with negative KARMA will journey to the Hall of Akashic Records for a life review during its BARDO experience. There you will be confronted with picture images from your life just left and be held accountable for your actions. This journey may also be made while in body by accessing memories in the Subconscious Mind during past-life regression therapy (26) to clear energy blocks and begin to dissolve Karma through forgiveness and repentance before it makes the Bardo journey a necessary part of your death experience. It is much less pleasant to deal with the Bardo than with a competent hypnotherapist in this life.

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ANUBISIST (Transitional Guide/Specialist/Coach, Spiritual Midwife)

A personal assistant in the process of Soul birthing; spiritual midwife. A professional Reader of A Traveler’s Guide to Spiritual Rebirth. A highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic being with the psychic ability to perceive the departing Soul, to know when to remind the Soul about the CLEAR LIGHT and the SAVIOR, and to follow the Soul’s progress during the BARDO journey. Adept at teaching KUNDALINI-raising techniques, yogic breathing and meditation. Past-life regressionist and karmic counselor. Probably a near-death experiencer. (18) A highly evolved Soul.

When any of likelihood shall die, then it is most necessary to have a special friend, the which will heartily help and pray for him, and therewith counsel the sick for the weal (health) of his soul. (7)

The dying experience is such an overwhelming experience to one who is unprepared that many are likely to miss the opportunities it offers by being so awestruck or confused they are unable to take advantage of it– thus, the importance of preparatory guidelines and someone to read them to you. And, since not one of us knows exactly when we are going to die, it is also important to prepare for the event by using some of the suggestions in this book to make your transition all that it can be. You can help ease your transition by connecting with an Anubisist, who will read from the guidebook (you can write your own specifics according to your own belief system) to your Soul when you make your transition, or by arranging for someone to play a tape recording you made for yourself. There are so many distractions as you shift into the spiritual dimension that even if you have memorized the words, you may forget to say them to yourself in the wonder of it all. You may need an earthly guide to remind you to let go and go to the Light and to call out to your Savior as you cross over into the spiritual world until you meet your spiritual guide on the other side.

Even the spiritually-awakened human being needs to be concentrated on seeing the Clear Light as death approaches by a soothing Voice at their bedside. But it is most urgent that a Soul experiencing the Bardo be frequently reminded that they are experiencing mental images that are reflections of their own THOUGHT-FORMS and they need to look for the Light and call to their Savior to move on to higher dimensions. Depending on the level of spiritual awareness of the dying person, the reading may need to go on for a few hours to a few months after death. An Anubisist will know how long is necessary, anyone else can only guess.

In the case of an unexpected death or one far from home, the reading should begin as soon as the news of the person’s death arrives. When a connection between a Reader and a person has been established previously, the Soul will be able to quickly tune in. Anyone who is likely to be overcome with grief by a person’s death should not be asked to be a Reader. This would constitute a further distraction to the Soul in transition and possibly hinder spiritual progress.

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Between two states; the experiences which occur in the period of time when one is dying (to the physical world) and being reborn (to the etheric world); a twilight state of very real events to the dying person. (1)

The meaning of the Bardo Thodol (similar to A Traveler’s Guide to Spiritual Rebirth) from The Tibetan Book of the Dead is

recognition, by seeing and hearing, that hallucinations are apparitional appearances from one’s own thoughts, which sets one free into Reality. The aim of Bardo Thodol teaching is to cause the Dreamer to awaken into Reality, free from karmic illusions, in a state beyond phenomena. (25)

In The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Soul is defined as that part of man which beyond all doubt was believed to enjoy an eternal existence in heaven in a state of glory.(8) Esoterically, Soul is the condensed intelligence in every atom which is conscious of its intelligence, has knowledge of its function, has knowledge of Totality in its entirety, and has the capacity to remember all the frequencies it has vibrated in. (1) Your Soul projected you into matter. Your Soul was projected by an OverSoul or Divine Spirit, your Higher or Greater Self, your Source. Your Soul is your Subconscious Mind, your inner guide, that which knows all about you. A Soul is not something you have, apart from yourself, it is you at a higher frequency. You are a manifestation of your Soul in the physical, material, third dimension.

Before taking your last breaths, you may become aware of the biological changes that are taking place as your Soul disconnects from its physical form. You may also be so in awe of your newly awakened psychic senses that you take your attention away from the Light and fail to merge with it. It is easy to become distracted by the wonder of it all, even if you thought you were prepared for it. The habit of the waking conscious mind is to try to control any situation, but do not try to impose your will on this experience. Listen to your Reader’s words. Neither run towards nor away from the Light, but relax into it. Allow the Light to flow through you and merge with it.

After the SILVER CORD breaks, freeing the Soul from its physical form, the average person’s Soul spends three days in a death trance or the Bardo. This is a transitional state of reality and you may not yet be truly aware you are dead. Each Soul will be faced with a unique personal experience based on the life its physical form lived. At first, you will not be under the control of your KARMA and the shadow show of your THOUGHT-FORMS will not have started. You may still be hovering around your physical form, seeing and hearing everything that is going on. Gradually though, shadowy images will begin to appear. Early in the experience, you will see visions resulting from the good you did in your life; good thoughts, acts of kindness and compassion, humanitarian and spiritual work. Gradually you will move on to darker experiences, reflecting the bad, the cruel, the inhumane, the depravity. You may not only view scenes, but take part in them. (3)

What is important to remember is that the Bardo experience takes place in consciousness. It is all a reflection of your thoughts and, while it may seem frightening at first, you won’t be harmed. The death Bardo is like wandering around a picture gallery. Each picture presents a scene from your life and you will see yourself at your best and your worst. You get to watch the true nature of your being unfold and experience the full impact of your actions on others and on yourself.

Heart-borne impulses precede brain-borne impulses, which is why personified forms of sublime human sentiments will dawn first then give way to lower animal nature. (5)

You will think you are alone, but you are not. There is someone there who will help you if you call their name and recognize them when they come. For this reason, in life, for many people, it helps to accept a SAVIOR or spiritual guide and become familiar with their image. As the scenes of your life unfold, do not try to flee from the horror; it will only intensify. If you want to get through the Bardo quickly, you will have to face the wrong you did and realize the significance of your acts, otherwise, it will seem never-ending.

In the Bardo, it is not so much what you did but why you did it that is reflected. That which you desired most now becomes active. You will be shown your mistakes and how your choices caused you to miss opportunities to lead a better life. If you sought the Light in life, more will be given. If not, even a small portion that may have unfolded, will be lost. If you didn’t practice forgiveness on earth, you will learn to in the Bardo for you will not be released from a scene until you forgive or are forgiven. Here you will learn many of the lessons you should have learned while on earth through forgiveness. The faces and forms that appear to you are your own mental content, whether they be sublime or horrific. In either case, they are not real. They are neither to be feared nor glorified. They are merely reflections of your thoughts, but they are part of you and you cannot escape them. You need to accept them as part of you and let them go.

The spiritually awakened person will not have to go through the Bardo, instead, you will merge instantly upon death with the CLEAR LIGHT. If your desires were to help others, to love others, and to make the world a better place during your lifetime, you will attract strong, spiritual forces to you as you make your transition. The average person will spend a short time, no more than three days, and merge with the Secondary Light; but a person with constant thoughts of evil may spend the full 49 Days of the Bardo trying to purify his consciousness. Keep in mind that “days” in spiritual dimensions do not equate to 24-hour days on earth but refer to levels of consciousness one must go through.

As in the embryonic state in the human species, the foetus passes through every form of organic structure from the amoeba to man, the highest mammal, so in the after-death state, the embryonic state of the psychic world, the Knower or principle of consciousness, anterior to its reemergence in gross matter, analogously experiences purely psychic conditions. In other words, the one physical, the other psychical– the evolutionary and involutionary attachments, corresponding to the 49 stations of existence are passed through. (11)

Only the lowest consciousness will face the Judgment, which features the reflections of their evil Thought-Forms. It is not the proclaimed burning fires of “hell” but the intense fires of mental purification the Soul must endure until these images are burned away from consciousness. Hell is not a place, but a state of consciousness. Holding on to hatreds, needs for revenge, desires for worldly things and physical gratification– these are the crystallized Thought-Forms of one’s own guilt that must be purged. You will experience the hell you created for others, you will meet everyone you ever wronged and suffer their sufferings, you will confront those who wronged you and face the test of forgiveness, and you will judge your response to these tests. The idea is not to break the Soul but to build strength. You will only be given what you can endure and learn from; the rest will be worked out over other lifetimes and transitions. (3)

Imagine your worst nightmare with forms and images of unspeakable horrors surrounding you, refusing to go away, refusing to let up, and you’ll have some idea of the terror you may experience. Those who have no remorse, who continue to blame God and others, who are so evil that this is the only level at which they vibrate, will remain here for a very long time. If you focused on sexual lust and a sexual scene emerges, any attempt to become involved in it will cause immediate rebirth with no time at all on spiritual planes.

Yet even in all this, there is someone there who will help you, if you call their name. You still have a choice. When you finally admit that you are a victim of your own actions, you are ready to progress. At some point, you finally recognize that this hell was created by your own Thought-Forms and, through forgiving and receiving forgiveness, you let go of your physical desires, and your Soul will be released. You won’t be able to vibrate at the higher dimensions for any length of time, however, and will choose to reincarnate quickly to compensate for your previous evildoings. This often accounts for a lifetime of severe disability, or several lifetimes with limited disabilities and many obstacles to overcome in order to achieve enlightenment during your next Soul-birthing experience, which could mean merging with the Clear Light.

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Seven energy centers of the spiritual body superimposed along the spinal column of the physical body, from the genital area to the brain, centered on the seven major endocrine glands: Root (prostrate/uterus), Naval (spleen), Solar Plexus (liver), Heart (thymus), Throat (thyroid), Brow (pituitary), Crown (pineal). The human goal is to achieve harmony between the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual bodies by balancing the Chakras through breath work, meditation, nutritional food intake, physical exercise and developing a more enlightened perspective about life. Maintaining emotional stability and mental clarity and striving for spiritual awareness help keep the energy in balance and the body in good health. The goal at death is for the Life Force to leave the body through the Crown Chakra; however it will exit at the level most consistently expressed in life and rise to the level that matches your state of consciousness in your after-death experience.

Much of the current life wave on earth are concentrated on their lower Chakras (below the waist). Most of their energy is focused on their sexual energy and they wallow in their emotional drama; however, their Heart Chakras are beginning to open and they are starting to express more Love in their lives than greed. As people become more evolved through the expression of Love, they will activate the more powerful energies in their head centers, finally awakening the God within and reconnecting with their divine nature. This has been the evolutionary process of Humanity as well as of individual Souls on their path toward achieving their full potential as spiritual beings in the Kingdom of God. We are each on our own path, going at our own speed.

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A very vivid, dazzling, brilliant white light that human eyes cannot tolerate up close, and yet it gives off no heat; light of pure intelligence; pure Reality, Nirvana, all-there-is. (1) The reflection of consciousness (mirror of the mind) without any limitations or darkness; being in Bliss; Oneness with God; a coming face to face with God. Beyond description; no width, no depth, no height, no center, no weight, no form, no name, no time, no space, no emotion, no action. (5) The experience of Oneness with that which is beyond human consciousness.

The Clear Light appears to everyone just prior to physical death and offers the opportunity for SALVATION, or Liberation from the Cycle of Life and Death . If you fail to recognize the Clear Light, you will not have the opportunity for immediate Salvation again until after you spend some time in the spiritual domain, incarnate again in another physical form, and face death again. It is this knowledge which has been hidden by false religious dogma and misconceptions that has kept human beings from reaching their full potential based on the belief that common people will misuse the Knowledge unless they are properly prepared. Fortunately there are built-in safeguards, primarily that a person with evil in his heart would not recognize the Clear Light even if he or she had a picture of it in hand at their death. Such a person would be blinded by the Light and turn away from it. Such a person’s vibrational pattern does not match that of the Light. You cannot con your way in. You cannot pretend to be what you’re not on the spiritual level. Your Soul is showing!

A sincere spiritual seeker with a pure consciousness will experience momentary visions of the Clear Light while in body and recognize it when it dawns at death. Opening your consciousness to the Clear Light before your death insures that you will recognize it at your death and frees your Soul to soar to higher planes. The way to achieve this is through certain meditation and breathing techniques to raise your KUNDALINI energy to your head centers.

If you die still filled with hatred, greed, guilt, vengefulness, lust for material pleasures and things, no matter how spiritually aware you are, you will not recognize the Clear Light when it dawns. However, if you are sincerely remorseful for your deeds when you approach death and call out to your savior, you may recognize the second appearance of the Light during the early stages of the BARDO. Recognizing the Secondary Clear Light, which will be considerably dimmer than the first, will dissolve a lot of your KARMA but will not free you from the Cycle of Life and Death. You may spend a good deal of time enjoying life on spiritual planes, but you will choose to reincarnate again to get it right the next time.

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The Etheric dimension or vibratory level is the electromagnetic energy which surrounds and is within everything– from the atom to man to the planet to the solar system to the galaxy and beyond. Our Etheric Double or Aura is a less dense duplicate of our body, and the electromagnetic field that surrounds the earth is a replica of it. The Etheric and the Astral planes both encompass and interpenetrate the physical plane. The Astral world is very much like the physical in appearance and activities, but is experienced on a much higher level than the physical. Beings there have at least risen to the point of being able to get along with each other and live in peace. These planes are separated by a thin veil, which underdeveloped physical senses cannot penetrate. It takes concentrated meditation to open this window of the Mind. Just as the physical form develops according to the Etheric pattern built by the Soul, according to the karmic record in the Heart SEED ATOM, the Etheric form becomes the perfect duplicate of the physical form– only it has no Mind. It is the battery to the physical form– life force, but not mind force. When the Soul leaves the body at death, it also leaves behind the Etheric double. Both are required to express life; neither can exist without the other. The Etheric form expresses the Soul’s lowest potential, it is up to the physical form to express its highest.

Those Souls who go on to experience the BARDO will do so in their Astral body, in which we travel on Astral planes during sleep and out-of-body experiences, and which clothes our Soul during this transition. This, however, is still not our highest spiritual form, which takes many incarnations to build. Highly evolved Souls who merge directly with the CLEAR LIGHT at death will find themselves in a much more rarefied body and environment– to match their higher state of consciousness.


The Universal Law of Compensation– as the Bible states whatever a man sows he shall also reap. (GAL 6:7) Newton’s Third Law of motion says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thermodynamics tells us that energy cannot be destroyed, but only changes form. Karma is the Divine Balancer which maintains universal harmony. On the spiritual level, Karma is the emotional energy underlying an event and when it is not discharged (by asking forgiveness or by forgiving) it becomes blocked energy. There is no right or wrong in Karma. There is simply an equal reaction to every action. Whatever you do to someone else, will also be done to you. The law also works in our favor– with interest, for it is better to give than to take.

There is no escaping Karmic Justice. Karmic Justice is the return you will receive for your acts of kindness and your acts of depravity during your lifetime. Any intentional act against another being will be dealt with in kind, if not in this lifetime, certainly during your death experience, and possibly in subsequent lifetimes. It is cosmic payment for everything you do. Goodness will be repaid with heavenly bliss, evil with unspeakable horrors. But what does this really mean?

The greatest challenges for a Soul while living in a material world involve not becoming attached to its pleasures. The task is to overcome the need for physical, material things. Needing to possess things and other people to make your life meaningful leads to hatred, jealousy, resentment, greed, bigotry, intolerance, self-righteousness, pride, arrogance, superiority, aggressiveness, abusiveness, cruelty, emptiness. These influences on the personality lead a person to act in ways that create further Karma. When you are aware that you are facing a karmic situation, you become more objective and learn how to handle things in better ways. Having things, including great wealth, is not the problem– needing them, lusting after them, making them more important than other people, is. To be too human is to be too self/ego-centered. This greed disease that spreads over the world is holding back the Human Spirit. Not only do you not get to take any of your things with you when you die, but during your transition, all the cruelty you inflicted on others to get your needs met, will be returned to you in equal measure. He who has the most toys does not win!

The other need for pleasure every Soul must overcome involves the sensations and pleasures of the physical body. That doesn’t mean do without, but overcome lustful, carnal, animal desires with Pure Love. Sex can be a beautiful, intimate experience shared by two people who love and respect each other, a mindless act of self-gratification, or a violent act of extreme cruelty and self-indulgence. It is the latter two for which you will suffer in kind during your transition and in reincarnations to follow. Learning to redirect that powerful sexual energy (KUNDALINI) into creativity not only intensifies pleasure on the physical plane, but raises one to ecstatic spiritual heights while still in body. You can achieve illumination or enlightenment by striving for contact with your higher consciousness through meditation, by focusing your mind on God. Sexual orgasms are just little delights in comparison to a burst or shower of spiritual light flooding your entire body! This is preparation for merging with the CLEAR LIGHT at death— the guarantee that you will recognize it when it dawns for you.

The Bible says to first seek the Kingdom of God and everything will be given to you. This doesn’t mean drop out of the world, go off to a monastery and spend your life in constant prayer. It means keep the thought of God first in your mind. Live your life from the place of love in your heart, forgive others, show compassion in your dealings, be giving and kind. The degree of your inner light will determine when your Soul will be ready to merge permanently with the Clear Light.

You will be held accountable by your Soul for the way you lived your life on earth and the Karma you accumulate will determine your transitional experience, your spiritual form, and the circumstances of your next incarnation.

Karma is the energy pattern which creates your genetic inheritance for your next incarnation. You (your Soul) will be the judge of your (lower self’s) record, judging yourself as you judged others in life and suffering the agony of shame and remorse or reaping the joyful spiritual rewards when you leave your physical body behind. You are always YOU, no matter what form or environment/dimension you are experiencing at any given moment.

The records of all your thoughts, emotions and deeds are written on three permanent SEED ATOMS which are projected via the SILVER CORD into the physical form by your Soul at your birth, and which exit via the silver cord and return to the Soul at your death. This is your Karmic or AKASHIC RECORD, which provides your life review during the BARDO. It is your Soul’s memories of all your past lives. It is the realm of your Subconscious Mind. It takes the form of picture images in consciousness, which will reflect all the good and all the bad you did during you past lifetime. Akashic Records are actually vibrational frequencies matching the level of your consciousness which attract similar frequencies to you and allow you to rise (or fall) to similar levels in the spiritual dimensions. They follow you wherever you go, in whatever form you take.

We come into this life with Karma left over from past lives and create more while we’re here. Most of the Karma we create in this life, we get our comeuppance for in this life, but some of it is so despicable, our consciousness cannot even be purified of it during our Bardo journey– which leads us to experience rebirth to work it out.

If you want to know if something is wrong, check with your conscience. Your conscience contains the memory in your Subconscious Mind of past transitional experiences, which tries to warn you away from activities that have created Karma for you in past lives. If your focus is on increasing your spiritual awareness, you will be more in touch with your inner voice than if your focus is on the material world with all its distractions, and you are less likely to repeat the same mistakes you’ve made in past lives.

In some cases, the way you die will release you from a great deal of past Karma. If you are the innocent victim of a savage murder or a tragic accident, if you die trying to save someone else or during a heroic act, if you are killed in a war or invasion, you may be repaying a karmic debt. The key is not dying with hatred or resentment in your heart, otherwise you may incur further Karma.

If you die without forgiving someone who wronged you, the Karma will follow you to your next life and promises to be a hard lesson. The ability to forgive others is even more important than being forgiven so do not hesitate to begin forgiving others now, including those who have died. If you are having hard times in this life, perhaps you have a long history of being unable to forgive. You could change the course of your life by practicing forgiveness now. You have Free Will. You have a choice. If you are sincere and earnest, your efforts and motives will be rewarded. By thus purifying your consciousness before you die, you raise your frequency, which will make your transition easier.

Repenting at the moment of death in the hope of escaping punishment will not fly. Unless repentance is made with sincere and deep remorse, you will only incur more Karma. Deathbed repentance and death rituals alone are not enough to free you from the Cycle of Rebirth. In order to gain complete Liberation from negative Karma, you must be able to recognize the Clear Light when it dawns and merge with it, but if you die with hatred in your heart, you will not even see the Light. You will not be able to reach its frequency. You will go on to experience the Bardo.

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