Can we have happiness from both the spirituality and technology?

Technology has transformed the way we live. Yes, we simply can’t deny the fact. From the big and vast infrastructure to the little teapot in the kitchen, we are driven by technology.

Everything has been developed. In the earlier days, when there was not-so-developed technology, life was hectic and now, it is all different.
In this article, we are discussing how technology and spirituality together can make you happy.

I think, first of all, we all should realize that technology when working with spirituality doing wonders. Do we know about Patanjali Yoga Darshan? In this book, there are a lot of things that are telling the same signs.

The one-fourth part of the book is telling people about how a yogi can attain the powers of the superhuman. But, achieving these powers is not that easy, of course.

This can be achieved by doing the practice of Sanyam on various body parts. What is Sanyam? It is the complete combination of concentration, completion, and samadhi. These three things have to done on various body parts to achieve the same.

According to the book, these powers can only be attained by overcoming the natural challenges of this world. Isn’t it the same that we are doing with technology? Yes, with the assistance of technology, we are really overcoming natural challenges. Actually, it is important to do so.

Yes, when a yogi’s life is easy and free from other hectic challenges, he or she can easily divert the attention and devote thoughts towards happiness and truth.

This is said as the good use of the energies of a person. These days, we all have so much relied upon technology but, at the same time, we all are concerned about its consequences too.

It is highly important to know that technology is not harming us but, it is humans only who are abusing it by overusing it and facing the negative consequences.

With a sense of good spirituality, humans are understanding to use the technology in a better way. It is like, humans are getting wisdom. It is highly important to know and understand things better to lead a stress-free life.

Distinguishing between right and wrong is very much important in order to have a meaningful life with all colors. With a better understanding of technology, we can get to know the mysteries of the nature that have been kept unfolded for years.

We can understand it better with the help of an example of optical fiber. The optical fiber is much needed by humans for various needs. Scientists also have found the optical fiber but later, it is found that it already existed in nature for years.

So, it can be said rightly that technology and spirituality are walking together for years. Humans can achieve a lot more about what they are thinking with the help of this combination. The inventions that scientists are doing today are actually driven by nature long ago.

Also, even today, nature designs the need for technology and its assistance in our lives. The more we will move towards technology, the more we will find ourselves near to nature.

This is the specialty of the technology that it does not only assist you but, also it tells you about the importance of nature. So, now it is clear that the combination of technology and spirituality are doing great together.

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