Do You Making the Most of Technology in Your Spiritual Life?

There was a time when people used to travel all the way to their nearest church, all dressed up and with the bible in their hands. The church has community lunch after prayer and people used to attend the prayer every Sunday without fail.

This was a huge task because they had to get ready and sit for more than 3-4 hours even on a holiday. People became busy and are losing interest in these activities so technology is being used by people to follow their spiritual life.

This is a great advantage because people can follow different religions and follow different practices at their own comfort. It is not that people are not interested in playing to god or following a religion the problem is that they don’t find enough time to follow all the traditional and old age practices.

There are too many rituals and practices in some religions and if a person tried to perform all of them and ignores his professional life then there is a lot of pressure and workload.

Praying to God is believed to bring positive energy and boost the confidence of people. It is a common practice to pray to god every morning and pray to god before doing something important.

Praying to God is a simple act of seeking blessings so that everything happens smoothly and according to plan. The problem is that people don’t have enough time to visit the holy places so the solution for this is to bring the holy places to them.

This doesn’t mean that the whole property is lifted and transported. Technology has evolved so much that we can connect with anybody from any part of the world so people can visit priests and temples and watch a live telecast of any spiritual practices like poojas or offering to the god.

Watching a live telecast is okay but if you demand a closer experience you can use any VR headset and visit the temple virtually. These glasses play video so close to your eyes and screen covers the whole field of sight so wherever you turn the sensors in the VR headset work and change the video view.

These headsets are very self in experiencing a 360-degree environment and the cameras that capture a 360-degree field is also very common. Technology has also made it easy to access Holy Scripture like the Mahabharata or the bible. These books can be loaded on smart devices and can be accessed digitally.

This solves the problem of carrying heavy books and maintaining them. Digital copies allow you to read anytime and it is very easy to find a specific paragraph or a part of the book. Physically abled people who find it challenging to read can use this technology and hear the audio format of the books.

The book is recited and recorded in studios and is available for download. These audiobooks are not only helpful for the blind but are used by everyone alike. People play these audiobooks in their cars while traveling or play it on their mobile when they can’t read.

Technology has made it possible to find meaning by searching for references and almost explanation for anything can be found on the internet. These books are available in all languages and audiobooks can also be played in hundreds of languages.

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