Influence of Technology on Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education

Technology has a history of solving problems and the method in which people chose to solve their problems often raises an argument. There might be a case of technology implementation in the workplace but this technology will replace manual laborer’s hence increasing efficiency.

This is a great advantage for the businessman as he can spend less on labor and earn more profits but the issue is a disadvantage for the laborers because they are losing their jobs.

The important thing to learn here is that technological influence on anything will have both advantages and disadvantages. It is true that technology was not so prevalent in olden times but still people were able to pray and follow their religion spiritually.


People used to gather in their holy temples, mosques, churches, and pray to god. Soon spirituality became so important that the basic forms of religion and their practices were taught in school.

Kids were made to stand in lines and recite a prayer every day and this prayer included slokas and holy prayers of different religions.

Basic prayer, pledge, and other forms of prayer were mandatory every day before starting school and this method of praying is believed to bring positiveness and togetherness among students.

Technology is one of the most powerful factors in today’s world and it is no secret that the education system has been forced to adjust to the aggressive advancement of technology.

The main aim of implementing this technology is to achieve multi-faith realities of campus life. School time is being reduced and many schools find no time to conduct an assembly so that students could prey but technology brings prayer through meditation.

Meditation is also a popular activity that is said to bring peace and calm down the body. Gadgets like VR headsets will allow students to escape into a different reality with some digital images and enhanced audio.

This VR headset will allow the music to be played directly into the ear and the video is also seen by a single person itself.  This allows a group of students to follow a different prayer and practice their religion. Technology has made it easy to attend prayer digitally and seek blessings.

People who find it uncomfortable to pray with the group can stream the session later. This feature also helps people experience a prayer without actually traveling and attending the event.

This technology can bring priests and students together and there can be an interactive session where students can ask the priests their questions or confess about something. This is a widespread practice in western states.

This allows students, faculty, and staff to share their thoughts on different issues and close each discussion in prayer together. People can even post their ideas on social media and meet other people and talk about their practices and thoughts about the same.

Technology is the tool that makes these practices possible and without technology, there would be many problems and people would have to spend more time and put in more effort to follow their religion.

Praying to God is supposed to bring good fortune and eliminate negative energy and praying helps a lot of people in gaining confidence. Students in high schools need this tech so that they have the option to pray and consult somebody in times of need.

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