Is Technology Can Enhanced the Spirituality?

Can we imagine our lives without technology? a big no! Of course, it is not possible for us to live a technology-free life now. In fact, we have reached the state where we all are highly dependent upon technology for any of our tasks.

We cannot live in the old era like conditions now. From the air conditioners for cooling to the elevators, we just cannot do with technology. But, does it play an important role in enhancing spirituality too?

Well, the question is much important in this world, especially, in this time where some people are speaking against the same. It is a much-known concern that technology is ruining our time.

It is offering us social media online gaming, chats, entertainment, etc. But, the real facts are something else. It is not technology that is ruining anything but, it is we who don’t know how to manage the tasks.

It is been made to support us and help us but we are overusing it and then, blaming the same. It is definitely helping us enhancing our spirituality. Let’s see how.

Some people believe in the fact that it is highly important to spread spiritual awareness. Yes, in order to main a good and healthy society, people do that and this is where technology is winning the game. It allows us to do the same.

Today, we have so many options and ways to spread spiritual awareness among the people. Isn’t it a wonder of technology that was considered as something impossible some years back? Mass communication of spiritual messages is very common these days.

Some years back, there were papers and printed documents, posters. Then, we moved towards the era where radio and television took place. And now, we have the internet. The Internet is doing wonderful things. It is playing a much important role in spreading the spiritual awareness at the fastest level.

The spiritual podcasts are available now all over the world just because of the internet and millions of people can connect in a few seconds. The distances are overcoming now.

Let’s talk about meditation applications now. Yes, there are so many around the world that are offering so many apt features supporting the meditation practice.

From the thinking patterns to the physical practices, all are being affected by these apps and people can access them anytime anywhere just like any other applications. Earlier, the books were not readily available to read.

Especially, when it comes to the most important ones. Yes, those books can be found in the big libraries or bookstores only. In short, it is difficult to find them.

But, with technology, everyone can access the best of the books with the help of technology at their places in minutes. There are so many applications that allow us to download any kind of book.

Even, there is a whole section dedicated to the spiritual and religious books that can be read. This is indeed a great contribution of the technology to the society and it is indirectly working for the peace of the hearts.

So, it is completely right to say that technology is working in favor when it comes to enhancing the sense of spirituality among people. It has made the ways open for all to read, connect, and learn.

And, with the developing technology, we can say that the future is definitely going to be better only. We don’t know what we have in the future but by witnessing the present developments, we can be sure that we are in safe hands.

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